Powered by Data


Powered by Data, an initiative of Tides Canada, works to transform the nonprofit sector using data and open data. It works with nonprofits, funders, and government agencies to help them have more impact by actively shaping their data environments and releasing open data.

Powered by Data was created by the founders of Ajah, a Montreal-based software company that builds tools for the Canadian nonprofit sector. PoweredbyData was born out of a desire to use Ajah’s expertise in technology and open data to help civil society sectors have more impact.

Full Description

The emergence of new technologies, open data policies, and data-driven practices presents the charitable sector with unprecedented opportunities. Sharing and standardizing data in the sector can drive collaboration, evaluation, and learning. The strategic use of this data can help foundations and charities improve their programs, make better decisions, streamline their operations, and have more impact.

A grant from the Foundation will support Powered by Data’s business development, enabling it to better communicate the value of strategic approaches to data to the sector and to address the growing demand for more data use. In addition to business development, the grant will be used to generate communications products to help demystify open data and to explain its value to charities and foundations, to create learning resources and to continue work on open data standards.

Website: poweredbydata.org/


  • 2015-2017
  • $ 150,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Social Innovation Fund