Low Carbon Cities (LC3)

About the organization

Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) is a national accelerator designed to assist municipal and community leaders in speeding up progress on climate targets while unlocking valuable benefits for local communities. LC3 builds on the unique models and decades of experience of its founding organizations, including: The Atmospheric Fund, EfficiencyOne in Nova Scotia, the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, the Trottier Family Foundation, the Ottawa Community Foundation and the City of Vancouver. With experienced leaders in seven urban regions across Canada, $183M in investment from the federal government, and a collaborative national office hosted by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, LC3 is well placed to enable scale-up of the highest-impact local innovations.


Project description

Funding will add capacity in each LC3 centre (staff, research, evaluation) and provide re-granting funds to allow co-development and support of local projects that reduce emissions and advance equity and reconciliation. Funding will also be used to share learnings across all centres through the LC3 National Office and communicate the results.


  • 2022-2027
  • $ 5,000,000
  • Funding Type: Focus Area Funding
  • Funding Stream: Climate

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