Loran Scholars Foundation


The Loran Scholars Foundation was founded in 1988, partly to stem the flow of promising young Canadians to US universities which were attracting them via substantial scholarships not available to scholars here.

Each year, the Loran Scholars Foundation makes awards to graduating secondary students who are not only academically outstanding, but who are expected to become significant contributors to the university and to the larger community.

This results from the observations of Dr. Robert Cluett (founder and first CEO) that the most promising talent often lies just below the normal criteria for academic scholarships and is likely found in those who are also engaged in multiple activities and community initiatives.

Full Description

This grant is to support the Loran Scholars Foundation in redesigning and relaunching its Mentorship Program, which was originally designed to provide support for summer projects, and now will offer support to scholars throughout their studies.

The Mentorship Program will

  • pair its 30 annual National Award recipients (120 over four years) with appropriate mentors, who will be volunteer Loran Scholars Foundation alumni and other community leaders
  • work with scholars and mentors to develop appropriate guidelines and support for the mentorship relationship
  • work with voluntary sector organizations to explore how scholars can best contribute to the community during their studies.

The development and implementation of the program will be documented and shared with other organizations.



  • 2005-2009
  • $ 85,000
  • Funding Type: Program Development Funding
  • Initiatives: General contributions