Jeffery Hale Community Services (formerly known as Holland Centre)


Jeffery Hale Community Services, established in 1991, promotes the well-being of the English-speaking population of the Greater Quebec City region about 2% of the local population or 15,000 people. The Centre offers a variety of health and social services for all ages and can facilitate access to services outside the Centre when required.

Full Description

This project is one of the Applied Dissemination projects supported by the Foundation.

This grant is to allow the Holland Centre to work in partnership with the Community Health and Social Services Network, helping English-speaking communities in Quebec to develop and steward a wide range of health, social and community services.

Jeffery Hale Community Services

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  • 2001-2008
  • $ 590,200
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: General contributions