Green Communities Canada

Background of the organization

Green Communities Canada (GCC) has been leading a community-based climate action movement since 1995, working together with local members from across the country to advance transformative, equitable, and lasting change. As a membership-based organization, GCC’s mission is to connect community-based climate action groups through a national network to share resources, co-create innovative programming, and elevate collective impact.   


Project description

GCC is looking to increase the number of local organizations they support in rural and suburban areas to increase the uptake of residential deep energy retrofits. Funding from the Foundation will be used to increase staff capacity and to develop tools, such as communications materials, case studies and energy savings and benefits calculators, for local organizations to use to accelerate progress in their communities. GCC will also use funding to provide upskilling workshops and certify new energy auditors to help address the current worker shortage.  


  • 2022-2025
  • $ 500,000
  • Funding Type: Focus Area Funding
  • Funding Stream: Climate

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Related Funding

Green Communities Canada

A grant from the Foundation will support Green Communities Canada in transforming RAIN into a revenue-generating social enterprise. This will involve market research, business plan development, and enhancement of a partner network for program delivery.

$ 300,000

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