Framework Foundation

Background of the organization

Framework led the introduction of cloud based computing in the Canadian voluntary sector in order to coordinate the work of hundreds of volunteers and dozens of sponsors as it expanded its signature Timeraiser program to ten cities. 

In 2010, with seed financing from SiG, Framework conducted a pilot project to test the applicability of its Platformation model with six youth-serving organizations. Four of these organizations have made significant changes to the way they work.


Full Grant description:

This grant will enable Framework and several other partners to apply the lessons learned from the Platformation pilot to launch a widely accessible platform for the dissemination of cloud computing tools to the community sector, and to provide targeted support for organizations proposing to advance their work in this area, and share the results with others. 

The project has three components: technology bench testing using an open access platform supported by industry; workshops and webinars to be offered by Framework, Canada Helps and Tech Soup; and seed funding for user groups of organizations moving to cloud computing, including an advanced users group comprised of youth serving agencies.


  • 2011-2013
  • $ 375,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: General contributions

Related Funding


To expand the Timeraiser program to eight cities across Canada.

$ 517,000

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