Climate Caucus

Background of the organization:

The Climate Caucus is an innovative, non-partisan network of municipal elected leaders across Canada who have come together to create the policies, programs and political will to restore a safe climate and build resilience in communities.

Climate Caucus supports the formation of working groups made up of municipal officials, NGO partners and citizens across the country, using an ingenious open source software program — Nudj — which it makes freely available for members’ projects. In addition to convening biweekly calls where participants report on and advise each other’s work, Climate Caucus helps accelerate the implementation of innovative policies and practical solutions across its network, and marshalls local voices from across the country in support of specific initiatives at the federal level.


Grant Description:

Climate Caucus connects many communities deemed hard to reach or too small to matter. With over 20 working groups on relevant issues such as food security, public transit and the circular economy, it is having an impact on local decision making linked to provincial and national priorities, while developing collaborative relationships with leading civil society organizations.

Interim support for the Climate Caucus will enable the organization to maintain momentum in light of the increased desire among local leaders to connect and share in light of COVID-19.

This includes:

  • hiring a membership services coordinator to recruit, support and retain additional members from municipalities across Canada
  • updating and distributing its Municipal Climate Action Toolkit to incorporate learning from COVID-19.


  • 2020-2020
  • $ 50,000
  • Funding Type: Focus Area Funding
  • Funding Stream: Climate