Cascade Institute, Royal Roads University 

Background of Organization

The Cascade Institute uses mapping and modeling methods to anticipate, analyze and respond to global threats, such as environmental, epidemiological, economic, political and technological harm. It identifies high-leverage intervention points in cognitive, institutional, and technological systems that, if effectively exploited, could shift global civilization away from global threats. Its unabashedly bold goal is to trigger a fundamental, positive, and rapid change in humanity’s trajectory.


Project Description

Cascade will work with partner organizations to develop knowledge, analysis, and tools that support and amplify their efforts to produce a just zero-carbon energy transition. These include strategy briefings; on-site training for youth, practitioners and community leaders; and materials for schools, universities and the public.

High-leverage initiatives linked with the Institute’s research projects are planned. The Cascade Institute plans to work with youth climate action organizations and corporate leaders on a pledge-based funding mechanism for youth climate activists. It aims to influence pension fund board members, directors, and managers to lead the zero-carbon energy transition. It works on identifying the common ground of values that best support a just zero-carbon energy transition and developing materials for youth climate activists and their educators in universities and high schools.




  • 2021-2024
  • $ 300,000
  • Funding Stream: Climate