Bannerman Green Not-for-Profit Housing Co-op

Background of the organization

Bannerman Green Not-for-Profit Housing Co-op is a registered housing co-op composed of 80 members in North Winnipeg, building 26 net-zero carbon housing in three clusters in a mature urban neighbourhood. All units will be fully accessible and forty percent will be affordable. Twelve units will be in a new zero carbon building and the remainder will be in two deep retrofits of existing homes with new zero-carbon additions. 


Project description

Funding will contribute to gather pre-occupancy benchmark metrics for energy, carbon, water, waste, transportation, air quality and comfort of up to 30 co-op members in their current homes and a post-occupancy evaluation after 12 months of residing in the new co-op. The project will document through interviews, graphics and videos the equity, diversity and inclusion journey and the process to engage with Indigenous members and Elders in the co-op design and operation. The cooperative will share data and lessons learned with other co-op housing and government agencies. 



  • 2022-2024
  • $ 200,000
  • Funding Type: Focus Area Funding
  • Funding Stream: Climate