Holiday message from our CEO

Points of light

Pine covered in white snow, and points of lights in the background.As the year draws to a close, I am reminded of the fragility of peace, and the importance of connectivity and community, as we face society’s challenges.

Words are not easy to come by in these very troubled and highly sensitive times. My thoughts are with all those affected by violence, both at home and abroad. It is only through openness, tolerance of difference and respectful dialogue that positive change can be achieved. Where today there is war, I hope that peace may eventually prevail. It is the only option.

I am writing these words as COP 28 is underway, hoping that the decision makers of our planet will be able to advance substantial and sustainable commitments. As we are experiencing the very real effects of climate change, the words from the beautiful song, l’Hymne à la beauté du monde, written by Luc Plamondon, come to mind.

Ne tuons pas la beauté du monde
Faisons de la terre un grand jardin
Pour ceux qui viendront après nous

In the charitable and nonprofit sector, there are many sources of hope, as communities find ways of responding to even the most difficult situations in a way that is forward-looking, and rooted in a sense that the future can be better, as Luc Plamondon says “for the ones who will come after us.” At McConnell, we continue to draw inspiration from our partners working in community resilience, reconciliation and climate. We have the utmost respect for their determination, courage and creativity as they address the complex challenges our societies are facing.  

To all of our partners and friends across the sector, we are grateful for your efforts. Thank you for the amazing work you do, and for being points of light in these difficult times.  

I wish everyone a restful and reflective holiday season, and I hope that as 2024 begins, the new year brings with it more peaceful times for everyone. 

Lili-Anna Pereša C. Q., President and CEO