Upcoming Panel Discussion:Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are

On February 4 at Carleton University, the Foundation’s Stephen Huddart will chair the panel discussion, Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are: The Federal Budget and Food Insecurity. Examining Canada’s current food challenges and proposing policy and budget measures to address them, the discussion will mark the official launch of Carleton’s Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE) initiative, which aims to strengthen Canadian communities through action and research on the best practices of community-campus partnerships.

To learn more about the event, click here.

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2 Responses to “Upcoming Panel Discussion:Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are”

  1. I just saw the notice of the panel, and was wondering if there was a summary or recording made? We just co-hosted a panel on a related topic in Lethbridge, with many local community participants and it was recorded and will be posted on Farm.TV in a couple of weeks. Was a very lively discussion at our event, as I imagine it was at yours.

  2. McConnell Foundation says:

    Hi Norine,

    I don’t see a summary posted as of yet, but if you follow this link: http://newsroom.carleton.ca/2013/01/23/putting-our-money-where-our-mouths-are-the-federal-budget-and-food-insecurity/, you will find the contact information for the event. Perhaps that person might know.

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