Inactive Initiatives

Inactive Initiatives

ALLIES imagined a better society for newcomers to Canada, one in which it would be easier to share their talent and creativity, and be widely recognized for their professional experience.

ArtsSmarts used the arts as a canvas for impacting student learning and building a more inclusive educational system.

Our aim in Cities for People was to support inclusive urban innovation Inclusive urban innovation that contributes to resilient cities where all people and nature can flourish.

The Community Service Learning (CSL) program was a model of experiential pedagogy designed to achieve community goals and to instil in students a sense of civic engagement.

Green Street was a national program equipping young people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute to a sustainable future.

This initiative’s aim was to contribute to Canada transitioning to a net-zero carbon economy in a way that ensures productive, equitable outcomes for all.

Possible Canadas was a partnership of diverse organizations dedicated to enabling conversations about the future of the country, helping us to imagine the kind of society that we and our successors would relish living in.

Re-Code helped universities and colleges to build the next generation’s capacity to impact positive change.

The McConnell Reconciliation Initiative focused its efforts on bringing forward the societal change necessary for a reconciliation economy.

Our goal in this initiative was to help ensure the long-term ecological health of the planet, while building social equity.

SiG’s goal was to be a catalyst for supporting whole system change by contributing to changing the broader economic, cultural and policy context in Canada to allow social innovations to flourish.

Sport for Development envisioned and supported a network of community leaders to actively use sports programs to help build more resilient places to live.

The Care Renewal program funded 13 community-based projects that tested new ways of helping family caregivers experience relief physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially and spiritually.

This initiative aims to build food systems that create vibrant local economies, ensure environmental sustainability and contribute to health and wellbeing for all people.

13 Canadian “Trail Builder” communities experimented with poverty reduction strategies. The impact was significant: several cities reported a 10% reduction in poverty.

WellAhead aimed to improve child and youth mental health by integrating social and emotional wellbeing into K-12 education.