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October 2012

Report: Inspired Learning: An Evaluation of Vibrant Communities’ National Supports

by Jamie Gamble

Inspired Learning: An Evaluation of Vibrant Communities’ National Supports evaluates the design of the learning and networking features provided with national supports to local Vibrant Communities initiatives (also referred to as a hub or backbone organization).

Tags: Vibrant Communities, Evaluation

November, 2011

Publication: Cities Reducing Poverty (Introduction)

by Mark Cabaj, Editor

Cities Reducing Poverty: How Vibrant Communities Are Creating Comprehensive Solutions to the Most Complex Problem of Our Times, is composed of stories and a unique analysis that together show in detail how collaborative groups in six Canadian cities are reducing poverty. These groups are achieving remarkable results because they're using creative, comprehensive approaches based on real, on-the-ground knowledge of - and experience of - the complex nature of poverty.

Tags: Vibrant Communities

September 2011

Publication: Resilience

by Tim Brodhead

In a world of unpredictable change, what Canada needs most is Resilience.

Tags: Vibrant Communities, Tim Brodhead, Sustainability, Supporting Family Caregivers, Sport for Development, Social Innovation Generation, Resilience, Innovation, Inclusion, Engaging Youth, Community Service-Learning, ArtsSmarts, ALLIES

March 29, 2011

Report: Vibrant Communities Annual Report 2010

by Mark Cabaj, Liz Weaver, and Leisa Nichol

This document provides an account of the activities, products and results of the Vibrant Communities initiative for 2010 and describes the priorities and directions for 2011.

Tags: Vibrant Communities, Inclusion, Grantee reports

October 29, 2010

Report: Determining the Value of Comprehensive Community Initiatives

by Anne Makhoul and Eric Leviten-Reid

Examines how Collaborative Community Initiatives, such as Vibrant Communities, are combining strategic action with systems-wide change to address poverty. Originally published in The Philanthropist.

Tags: Resilience, Innovation, Vibrant Communities

October 2010

Report: Vibrant Communities 2002-2010 Evaluation Report

Highlights key results and offers deeper understanding of the critical success factors, effectiveness and patterns identified through the Vibrant Communities experiment. Vibrant Communities is a national poverty reduction program.

Tags: Resilience, Inclusion, Evaluation, Vibrant Communities

May 20, 2010

Report: Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Lessons Learned, Potential and Opportunities Moving Forward

by Bob Gardner, Nimira Lalani, Cristina Plamadeala, The Wellesley Institute

Do comprehensive, collaborative place-based initiatives to reduce poverty “work”? This was the question posed by the Tamarack Institute, Vibrant Communities Canada, and The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation at a very productive Strategic Dialogue held May 10-11, 2010. The Wellesley Institute was commissioned to review research and experience in this field. The backgrounder, Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Lessons Learned, Potential and Opportunities Moving Forward, was distributed to participants beforehand and discussed at the sessions.

Tags: Vibrant Communities

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