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October, 2011

Report: Recognizing the Recognition

by Sherri Torjman

Sometimes governments do the right thing. This commentary highlights several measures recently introduced by selected provinces to help recognize the additional health- and disability-related costs that informal caregivers may incur. Unlike the current federal tax provisions, the provincial measures are designed to provide modest financial assistance to lower-income households. In English only.

Tags: Supporting Family Caregivers

September 2011

Publication: Resilience

by Tim Brodhead

In a world of unpredictable change, what Canada needs most is Resilience.

Tags: Vibrant Communities, Tim Brodhead, Sustainability, Supporting Family Caregivers, Sport for Development, Social Innovation Generation, Resilience, Innovation, Inclusion, Engaging Youth, Community Service-Learning, ArtsSmarts, ALLIES

June 26, 2011

Report: Effecting Policy Change: Lessons from the Canadian Caregiver Coalition

by Anne Makhoul

This story describes CCC’s effort to find a structure and mindset that allowed it to develop a more targeted approach to advocacy. Second, it presents details from the coalition’s work to build a caregiving policy agenda. Third, it reviews the impact of sharing or ‘scaling out’ its knowledge and lessons about organizational change and advocacy to the Ontario Caregiver Coalition.

Tags: Inclusion, Supporting Family Caregivers

May 2010

Video: Vickie Cammack on Tyze

Keynote speech by Vickie Cammack, President and CEO of Tyze. Tyze creates personal, private, secure, online networks that strengthen relationships and address isolation.

Tags: Inclusion, Social Innovation Generation, Supporting Family Caregivers

June 2007

Report: Care Renewal: The policy implications of 13 caregiver respite projects

by Janet Dunbrack

Identifies common themes emerging from 13 caregiver respite projects and makes policy recommendations to address the gaps they revealed.

Tags: Inclusion, Resilience, Supporting Family Caregivers


Publication: This Day is for Me: Caring for the Caregivers

by Silver Donald Cameron

Describes the caregiving experience, how eight projects have tried to address respite differently, and why it is critically important for all levels of Canadian society to recognize and support the caregivers in our midst.

Tags: Inclusion, Supporting Family Caregivers

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