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November 18, 2010

Report: Engaging Youth Within Our Communities

by Josée Latendresse

This guide is intended for community and organizational actors who would sincerely like to integrate young people ages 12 to 25 within their communities by allowing them to actively participate in decisions affecting them and allowing play a more influential role.

Tags: Engaging Youth, Inclusion, Resilience

November 15, 2010

Report: Regrouping, Recalibrating, Reloading: Strategies for Financing Civil Society in Post-recession Canada

by Edward Jackson

This article provides strategies for the financing of civil society organizations. These strategies, elaborated on in the article, include regrouping, recalibrating, and reloading. Originally published in The Philanthropist.

Tags: Resilience, Innovation

November 1, 2010

Report: Patterns, Principles, and Practices in Social Innovation

by Stephen Huddart

Explores various dimensions of the field of social innovation and discusses the evidence of its existence and its growth throughout the world. Originally published in The Philanthropist.

Tags: Social Innovation Generation, Resilience, Innovation, Inclusion, Stephen Huddart

October 29, 2010

Report: Funding Social Innovation: How Do We Know What to Grow?

by Nino Antadze and Frances Westley

Explores systems change, scaling social innovations, and the role funders can play in these processes. Originally published in The Philanthropist.

Tags: Resilience, Innovation, Social Innovation Generation

October 29, 2010

Report: Determining the Value of Comprehensive Community Initiatives

by Anne Makhoul and Eric Leviten-Reid

Examines how Collaborative Community Initiatives, such as Vibrant Communities, are combining strategic action with systems-wide change to address poverty. Originally published in The Philanthropist.

Tags: Resilience, Innovation, Vibrant Communities

October 29, 2010

Report: Creative Youth Empowerment: Engaging Our Youth Today to Unlock Tomorrow’s Leaders

by Gabriel Bran Lopez

Describes the start-up of Youth Fusion, a project that has graduate students leading programs for high school students at underperforming schools, and provides lessons learned during its growth. Originally published in The Philanthropist.

Tags: Inclusion, Engaging Youth, Innovation, Resilience

October 2010

Report: Vibrant Communities 2002-2010 Evaluation Report

Highlights key results and offers deeper understanding of the critical success factors, effectiveness and patterns identified through the Vibrant Communities experiment. Vibrant Communities is a national poverty reduction program.

Tags: Resilience, Inclusion, Evaluation, Vibrant Communities

September 2010

Video: The Case for Social Finance in Canada

by MaRS Discovery District

Tim Draimin, Executive Director of Social Innovation Generation (SiG), introduces us to the world of social finance. Enabling the social finance marketplace is key to tackling Canada's social and environmental challenges—both through entrepreneurship and a more flexible national policy framework.

Tags: Sustainability, Social Innovation Generation, Social Finance, Resilience, Innovation

September 2010

Video: Finding Talent

Finding Talent, a video from the ALLIES-managed site and produced by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), is intended to increase the capacity for effectively recruiting, selecting and integrating skilled immigrants. It focuses on issues of sourcing, screening, interviewing, and selection of skilled immigrant candidates.

Tags: Resilience, Inclusion, ALLIES

July 2010

Report: The Sport Matters Group: “Un-organizing” the Future of Canada’s Not-for-Profit Sector

by Paul Jurbala

Examines the informal structure of the Sport Matters Group (SMG) and offers insights on its status as a “un-organization.” Explores the advantages of SMG’s unconventional structure and offers inspiration on adopting its “un-organizational” framework. Originally published in The Philanthropist.

Tags: Resilience, Innovation, Sport for Development

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