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July 15, 1998

Publication: Should you sow what you know?

by The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

The Foundation’s primer for those developing or referring an Applied Dissemination proposal

Tags: Innovation, Resilience

May 2006

Publication: A Developmental Evaluation Primer

by Jamie Gamble

Introduces the concept of developmental evaluation to potential users and provides some tools to support its use.

Tags: Evaluation, Resilience

November 2006

Publication: Accelerating our Impact: Philanthropy, Innovation and Social Change

by Katharine Pearson

Contributes to an emerging body of knowledge and reflective practice on the role of funders in supporting innovation and social change.

Tags: Innovation, Resilience, Social Innovation Generation

June 2007

Report: Care Renewal: The policy implications of 13 caregiver respite projects

by Janet Dunbrack

Identifies common themes emerging from 13 caregiver respite projects and makes policy recommendations to address the gaps they revealed.

Tags: Inclusion, Resilience, Supporting Family Caregivers

July 2007

Report: Reflecting on Ten Years of CEDTAP

Summarizes the main achievements, limits and lessons of the implementation of the Community Economic Development Technical Assistance Program (CEDTAP) during the period 1997-2007.

Tags: Evaluation, Resilience

September 2007

Report: Public Education and Voluntary Sector Partnerships

by Stephen Huddart

Examines how to create a more resilient educational system.

Tags: Resilience, Stephen Huddart, Inclusion, Engaging Youth

June 2008

Video: Framework Foundation - Timeraiser event

The Framework Foundation prepares for a Timeraiser, an event which brings together volunteers, artists and non-profit organizations with the goal of volunteer engagement and community impact.

Tags: Resilience, Innovation, Inclusion, Engaging Youth, Sustainability

July 2009

Video: Tim at Coady Institute

This presentation sheds light on the convenient dysfunctions that are inherent in current relationships between donors and organizations. He calls this a ‘dance of deception’: donors pretend that money is the answer and organizations pretend to believe them.

Tags: Sustainability, Resilience, Tim Brodhead

November 2009

Report: A Dialogue - Sport Matters Group: 2009 Progress Report and our Reply

Reflections on Sport Matters Group, a group who collaborates to advance sport and public policy, with a reply from the Foundation.

Tags: Resilience, John Cawley, Inclusion, Grantee reports, Sport for Development

December 2009

Report: Community Development Service Learning – Final Report

Tells the story of the Community Development Service Learning Project, a national project to strengthen learning opportunities in community organizations.

Tags: Grantee reports, Resilience

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