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June 24, 2011

Report: Building Bridges Across Generations: Redefining Intergenerational Spaces for Girls' Empowerment

by Girls Action Foundation

A compilation of practices and reflections on creating intergenerational spaces for social change.

Tags: Inclusion, Grantee reports, Engaging Youth

June 23, 2011

Report: Redefining Leadership: How Girls Action Foundation Supports Young Women to Lead Social Change

by Girls Action Foundation

A collection of Girls Action’s reflections, learnings and successful practices built up over ten years of developing and delivering leadership and mentorship programs for young women.

Tags: Inclusion, Grantee reports, Engaging Youth

June 22, 2011

Report: MoreSports/YELL FUNdamental Sports for All

by MoreSports YELL

On the MoreSports YELL approach, its model, and its lessons learned. MoreSports Yell, based in Vancouver, has created community-based environments of support around making sport accessible to all.

Tags: Sport for Development, Resilience, Grantee reports, Engaging Youth

March 29, 2011

Report: Vibrant Communities Annual Report 2010

by Mark Cabaj, Liz Weaver, and Leisa Nichol

This document provides an account of the activities, products and results of the Vibrant Communities initiative for 2010 and describes the priorities and directions for 2011.

Tags: Vibrant Communities, Inclusion, Grantee reports

February 2010

Report: Developmental Evaluation Report: A trek through the YouthScape landscape

by Marc Langlois

Offers insights about the youth engagement initiative, YouthScape, through the eyes of its Lead Developmental Evaluator.

Tags: Engaging Youth, Evaluation, Grantee reports

December 2009

Report: Community Development Service Learning – Final Report

Tells the story of the Community Development Service Learning Project, a national project to strengthen learning opportunities in community organizations.

Tags: Grantee reports, Resilience

December 2009

Report: A Dialogue - Free the Children: Final Reflections and our Reply

Youth empowerment and leadership service, Volunteer Now!, reflects on their organization with a reply from the Foundation.

Tags: Inclusion, Grantee reports, Engaging Youth, John Cawley

November 2009

Report: A Dialogue - Sport Matters Group: 2009 Progress Report and our Reply

Reflections on Sport Matters Group, a group who collaborates to advance sport and public policy, with a reply from the Foundation.

Tags: Resilience, John Cawley, Inclusion, Grantee reports, Sport for Development

October 2009

Report: Journalists for Human Rights: Final Thoughts

by Ben Peterson

This final report consists of a series of lessons learned and reflections on managing a successful school chapter program. It was written by Ben Peterson, jhr’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, who was involved with jhr’s Chapter Program every step of the way.

Tags: Grantee reports, Engaging Youth, Inclusion

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