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October 2012

Report: Inspired Learning: An Evaluation of Vibrant Communities’ National Supports

by Jamie Gamble

Inspired Learning: An Evaluation of Vibrant Communities’ National Supports evaluates the design of the learning and networking features provided with national supports to local Vibrant Communities initiatives (also referred to as a hub or backbone organization).

Tags: Vibrant Communities, Evaluation

October 2010

Report: Vibrant Communities 2002-2010 Evaluation Report

Highlights key results and offers deeper understanding of the critical success factors, effectiveness and patterns identified through the Vibrant Communities experiment. Vibrant Communities is a national poverty reduction program.

Tags: Resilience, Inclusion, Evaluation, Vibrant Communities

July 2010

Publication: DE 201: A Practitioner’s Guide to Developmental Evaluation

by Elizabeth Dozois, Marc Langlois, and Natasha Blanchet-Cohen

Builds on the concepts outlined in A Developmental Evaluation Primer by articulating some of the key practices associated with this work.

Tags: Evaluation, Engaging Youth, Resilience

March 2010

Report: Vartana Review: A Reflection on the History, Lessons, and Legacy of the Vartana Initiative

by Michael Lewkowitz

Vartana was an initiative to create a charitable bank in Canada dedicated to serving the voluntary sector. This report includes a timeline of events; a generalized assessment of why Vartana failed; and a summary of lessons that can be applied to initiatives that focus on systemic change.

Tags: Evaluation, Resilience

February 2010

Report: Developmental Evaluation Report: A trek through the YouthScape landscape

by Marc Langlois

Offers insights about the youth engagement initiative, YouthScape, through the eyes of its Lead Developmental Evaluator.

Tags: Engaging Youth, Evaluation, Grantee reports

July 2007

Report: Reflecting on Ten Years of CEDTAP

Summarizes the main achievements, limits and lessons of the implementation of the Community Economic Development Technical Assistance Program (CEDTAP) during the period 1997-2007.

Tags: Evaluation, Resilience

May 2006

Publication: A Developmental Evaluation Primer

by Jamie Gamble

Introduces the concept of developmental evaluation to potential users and provides some tools to support its use.

Tags: Evaluation, Resilience

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