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In December 2011, one year following the release of the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance‘s landmark report, Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good, nearly four hundred people came together in Toronto to celebrate the launch of the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing and to take part in the 2011 Social Finance Forum: Investing in Good Deals.

The MaRS Centre for Impact Investing – jointly funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the McConnell Foundation and TMX Group Inc., – is a national hub designed to increase the awareness and effectiveness of social finance to catalyze new capital, talent and initiatives dedicated to tackling social and environmental problems in Canada. The Centre builds on the foundational work of MaRS and Social Innovation Generation (SiG), including the landmark report by the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance.

The forum and launch of the Centre also coincided with the Task Force’s release of Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good – Measuring Progress During Year One, a progress report highlighting some of the developments relevant to the recommendations of the Task Force over the past year.

As Ilse Truernicht states in her introduction to the report, “There has never been a better time to reconsider the role of capital markets in creating sustainable value for our society.” We invite you learn more about social finance, the Task Force on Social Finance, and the Foundation's place in the discussion.


Spotlight Highlights


September 2010

The Case for Social Finance in Canada

by MaRS Discovery District

Tim Draimin, Executive Director of Social Innovation Generation (SiG), introduces us to the world of social finance. Enabling the social finance marketplace is key to tackling Canada's social and environmental challenges—both through entrepreneurship and a more flexible national policy framework.


December 2, 2010

Global congratulations for the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance

On November 30, 2010 the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance released their report and recommendations for the growth of the impact investment marketplace in Canada. Pioneers in impact investing and social innovators alike from around the world offered these words of encouragement and congratulations.


December 2010

CEGN interview with Tim Brodhead following the release of "Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good"

by CEGN Issues & Updates

The Canadian Environmental Grantmakers' Network (CEGN) interview with Tim Brodhead, as appearing in their December 2010 CEGN Issues & Updates Newsletter. In the interview, Tim speaks about Task Force on Social Finance's report, Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good and how funders can adopt its recommendations.


December 2010


Learn more about the The Belonging Fund, a social finance strategy of Tyze and the Foundation’s.

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