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Today's complex social challenges require the community, public, and private sectors to come together and collaborate to generate new solutions to persistent problems.

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May 2010

Scaling Out for Scaling Up: Pathways for System Change

Frances Westley showcases a typology of community sector organizations and offers insights about their methodologies for scaling up.


October 29, 2010

Primer on Social Innovation: A Compendium of Definitions Developed by Organizations around the World

by Geraldine Cahill

A reference tool to help understand social innovation, social finance, and the vocabulary used to discuss the two. Originally published in The Philanthropist.


November 1, 2010

Patterns, Principles, and Practices in Social Innovation

by Stephen Huddart

Explores various dimensions of the field of social innovation and discusses the evidence of its existence and its growth throughout the world. Originally published in The Philanthropist.


November 2006

Accelerating our Impact: Philanthropy, Innovation and Social Change

by Katharine Pearson

Contributes to an emerging body of knowledge and reflective practice on the role of funders in supporting innovation and social change.


February 2010

On Not Letting a Crisis Go to Waste: An Innovation Agenda for Canada's Community Sector

by Tim Brodhead

Explores some of the implications of the economic downturn for Canada’s community sector and argues that new models and approaches are urgently required to ensure the community sector's health and to maintain Canadians’ well-being.

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