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Vibrant Communities: Inspired Learning

A recent report on Vibrant Communities (VC)—a national poverty reduction initiative led by the Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement in partnership with the Caledon Institute of Social Policy and the Foundation—focuses on the essential role that national supports played in the success of the initiative.

Inspired Learning: An Evaluation of Vibrant Communities’ National Supports, with a foreword from Foundation President Stephen Huddart, evaluates the design of the learning and networking features provided with national supports to local VC initiatives (also referred to as a hub or backbone organization). The report highlights the specific impact of providing national supports to such a large and complex pan-Canadian initiative. Inspired Learning is a companion report to the earlier Evaluating Vibrant Communities: 2002-2010, which evaluated the key results VC generated for thousands of low-income households across Canada.

Read the full report.

Stanford Social Innovation Review Highlights Vibrant Communities

The work of Vibrant Communities—a national poverty reduction initiative led by the Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement in partnership with the Foundation—was highlighted in the December issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

The article, Collective Impact Update: Channeling Change can be viewed here.

Collaborative Leadership Tele-Learning Series

On January 26th, tune-in for an interview with Al Etmanski, President and founder of PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network) and partner in Social Innovation Generation (SiG), on Innovating Together. Al will be interviewed by Tamarack President and co-founder Paul Born as part of their Collaborative Leadership Tele-Learning Series.

To learn more about the series or to register, click here.

Vibrant Communities: Cities Reducing Poverty

The Foundation is pleased to highlight Tamarack Institute’s latest publication, Cities Reducing Poverty: How Vibrant Communities are Creating Comprehensive Solutions to the Most Complex Problem of our Times.

Through stories and a unique analysis by editor Mark Cabaj, Cities Reducing Poverty details the poverty reduction efforts of collaborative groups in six Canadian cities—Calgary, Montreal, Surrey, Hamilton, Saint John, and the Niagara region.

The cities are part of the Vibrant Communities initiative—a comprehensive, community-driven, cross-Canada, poverty reduction effort—and “are achieving remarkable results because they’re using creative, comprehensive approaches based on real, on-the-ground knowledge of —and experience of—the complex nature of poverty.”

To order a copy of Cities Reducing Poverty or to learn more about the work of Vibrant Communities visit

The Philanthropist’s issue on social innovation includes contributions from Foundation staff

Social innovation is the theme of the current issue of The Philanthropist, a quarterly journal for practitioners, scholars, supporters, and others engaged in the nonprofit sector in Canada. Foundation staff, as well as many friends of the Foundation, contributed articles.

The Foundation’s COO, Stephen Huddart, authored one of the journal’s overview articles, entitled Patterns, Principles, and Practices in Social Innovation, which explores various dimensions of the field of social innovation.


Community Foundations issue annual Vital Signs reports

Vital Signs reports look at communities’ quality of life and draw attention to areas for improvement.

Earlier this month, 15 of these reports were launched in communities including Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Saint John, Toronto, and Vancouver. In addition to these local reports, Community Foundations of Canada issued the 4th edition of Canada’s Vital Signs, which focuses on national issues.


Vibrant Communities releases 2002-2010 evaluation report

Yesterday, national sponsors of Vibrant Communities Canada released a report of a nine-year experiment that demonstrates the positive impacts of an innovative and collaborative approach to fighting poverty that is driving individual benefits, neighborhood changes and large scale community poverty reductions.

The report, Vibrant Communities Canada 2002-2010 Evaluation Report, highlights key results and offers deeper understanding of the critical success factors, effectiveness and patterns identified through the Vibrant Communities experiment.


Vibrant Communities featured in The Mark

Vibrant Communities was recently featured in The Mark, an online news distributor. The article covered last month’s strategic dialogue on poverty-reduction that included senior leaders from across Canada . (more…)

Summit on Poverty Reduction

This past May, 46 senior leaders – including the CEO of United Way Canada, the Deputy Minister, Department of Social Development, Government of New Brunswick, heads from several major corporations, foundations, and academics – were invited by the McConnell Foundation and the Tamarack Institute to join a strategic dialogue about working collaboratively to tackle poverty. (more…)