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Canadian Caregiver Coalition: Effecting Policy Change

The Caledon Institute’s Anne Makhoul recently documented the lessons learned from the Canadian Caregiver Coalition’s (CCC) successful effort to bring the issues of family caregivers to the attention of Canadian politicians and policy makers.

The report, Effecting Policy Change: Lessons from the Canadian Caregiver Coalition, produced with the Foundation’s support, focuses on the CCC’s use of Strategic Inquiry (SI) to achieve its long- and short-term public policy goals. SI helps organizations use appropriate methods and tailored messages to engage with policy-makers. The SI approach was developed and contributed by Sean Moore of the Advocacy School.

As Makhoul explains, “Neither mysterious nor manipulative, SI is about putting the asker into a government mindset. By understanding politicians’ and bureaucrats’ top-of-mind issues, pressures; likely policy developments and the players involved, the inquirer is able to shape the needs of their audience into messages that government can ‘hear’.”

Download Effecting Policy Change: Lessons from the Canadian Caregiver Coalition

Online Innovations in Caregiving: Tyze Personal Networks

The B.C. Government recently announced $3 million in funding for Connect for Care, a program to help seniors and people with disabilities remain independent and socially connected while still living at home. Building on the experience of lead partner Tyze Personal Networks, the program will deliver a targeted suite of online tools and personal support networks to help individuals, families and other caregivers.

“No one should have to face illness, caregiving or disability on their own,” says Vickie Cammack, Tyze CEO. “This funding will assist friends, family and neighbours across the province to connect, collaborate and care for one another.”

Tyze Personal Networks, a social enterprise that has been delivering online personal networks since 2008, launched The Belonging Fund in partnership with the Foundation in 2010.

Learn more about Connect for Care

Family caregivers included in federal budget and election platforms

A tax credit for family caregivers was included in the March 22nd federal budget, and several parties have included support for family caregivers in their election platforms, bringing the issues surrounding family caregivers to a wide audience. These announcements shine light on the issues that affect an estimated 4 million caregivers whose contributions to Canadian society are often overlooked.

Some recent headlines include:

For over ten years, McConnell Grantee the Canadian Caregiver Coalition (CCC) has been working to join with caregivers, service providers, policy makers and other stakeholders to identify and respond to the needs of caregivers in Canada.

The Registered Disability Savings Plan featured in The Financial Post and The Globe and Mail

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), a savings plan designed for families supporting children with disabilities, is gaining exposure with a new set of rules in 2011.

Both “Time to make use of RDSP” in The Financial Post, and “New rules add incentive to open a disability savings plan” in The Globe and Mail cover these changes.


Tyze is now accepting expressions of interest for The Belonging Fund

Created in partnership with the Foundation, The Belonging Fund makes Tyze’s online networks available to Canadian charitable organizations that work with those who are at risk of suffering from isolation. Expressions of interest from qualified charities are currently being welcomed.

“No one should have to face disability, chronic illness or caregiving alone,” says Vickie Cammack, President and CEO of Tyze. “Our secure networks coordinate involvement and provide a practical service to help families, friends, neighbours and professionals develop a private, connected network of care. We are committed to building the information and technology bridges between formal and informal caregivers that we know can improve the well being of Canadians.” (source)

Learn more about The Belonging Fund from Tyze’s website.

See Vickie Cammack speak about Tyze at a June 2010 symposium on social innovation here.

Vickie Cammack interviewed by Charity Village

Vickie Cammack, cofounder of the PLAN Institute and CEO of Tyze, was interviewed by Charity Village for their recent Leadership in Focus column.

In the interview, Vickie Cammack speaks about straddling the non-profit and private sector worlds, and the challenges and advantages of each; about Tyze and PLAN; and about the building blocks for good leadership.

It’s so interesting, we’re seeing a lot of people from the business sector moving into the social change arena and that is a fantastic thing. But they need the accompaniment of equally bold and visionary people from the nonprofit sector. You can’t just willy nilly apply corporate principles and think you’re going to solve the social problem. And so, it’s about finding ways to blend. And there are all kinds of challenges on how to measure social impact — it’s so much easier to measure profit — but we need to find ways to balance that, ways that take both parts of a return on investment — social and financial — into any change equation.”

Read the interview in its entirety here.

Disability-rights activist Donna Thomson to visit McGill

Author Donna Thomson will read from her book, “The Four Walls of My Freedom,” at McGill University on Wednesday, October 20. In this book, Donna Thomson, wife of the Canadian High Commissioner to Britain and disability-rights activist, offers vivid descriptions of her own experience in treading delicately through daily care, medical emergencies and the medical bureaucracy as she and her family cope with her son Nicholas’ cerebral palsy.


The support of family caregivers at the centre of a federal debate

McConnell grantee the Canadian Caregiver Coalition is garnering a lot of media attention, with its caregiver strategy at the centre of a Federal debate. The Coalition is a diverse group of national and provincial organizations from across Canada that works collaboratively to represent and promote the needs and interests of family caregivers with all levels of government, and the public, private, and non-profit sectors.


VON Canada inaugurates the Katharine Pearson Caregiver Award

Long-time Foundation grantholder (and key contributor to the Care Renewal initiative) VON Canada has inaugurated the Katharine Pearson Caregiver Award, in honour of the late Katherine Pearson, a vital staff member of the Foundation and a tireless advocate of caregiver rights. (more…)

PLAN Institute blogs about Tim’s role in Canada’s social innovation landscape

SiG@PLAN Institute partner (and recent winner of a humanitarian award from the Canadian Psychological Association) Al Etmanski discusses Foundation President and CEO Tim Brodhead’s contributions to social innovation in Canada – along with his February 2010 article for The Philanthropist – in a new post.