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New report from SiG

Social Innovation Generation (SiG), in collaboration with KPMGVolans, and MaRS, recently published Breaking Through: How Corporate Social Innovation Creates Business Opportunity. The report looks at the positive power of business to drive the innovation needed to solve the growing social and environmental challenges on our plate.

For the full report, or to learn more about Corporate Social Innovation, click here.

Partnership Brokers Training

From April 8-12 in Toronto, the UK Partnership Brokers Association, in collaboration with SiG, will host a four-day Partnership Brokers Training for practitioners in multi-stakeholder partnerships. Established in 2003, the globally recognized Partnership Brokers Training builds practical skills and practices necessary to address complex challenges in the partnering process at all phases of a partnership’s life cycle.

Click here to learn more.

Social Innovation Generation (SiG)

On February 21 in Toronto, Frances Westley—the J.W. McConnell Chair in Social Innovation at the University of Waterloo—was the MaRS Global Leadership speaker on the topic of Social Innovation Labs. With support from the Rockefeller Foundation and the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, Westley is developing a new guide to hosting such labs, due for release later this year.

At the same event, Foundation President Stephen Huddart launched the SiG Knowledge Hub—a collection of social innovation-themed resources and materials, including a catchy motion graphic that answers the question: ‘What is Social Innovation?’ Learn more at

Innovation, Austerity’s Grandchild

SiG Senior Advisor and former Foundation President Tim Brodhead was recently published in the quarterly journal, The Philanthropist. The article, Innovation, Austerity’s Grandchild, addresses how social finance is creating space for innovation, resulting in a new narrative that underscores the critical contribution of the community sector to tackling complex challenges facing Canadian society.

Read the full article here.

Thinking Like a Movement

From January 27-31 in Madeira Park, BC, join Plan Institute and Social Innovation Generation (SiG) for Thinking Like a Movement—an annual four-day learning opportunity with Canada’s leading experts in social innovation.

To learn more about the event—designed for social innovators in business, government, and the citizen sector who want to extend the impact, durability, and scale of their work—click here.

Innoweave Featured on OTF’s [SiC] Blog

Innoweave’s Aaron Good shared his thoughts on social innovation in the not-for-profit sector in the latest edition of [SiC], the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s blog. In his post, Aaron talks about the need for non-profits to move from a “business as usual” approach and the role of tools for social innovation in enhancing organizational impact. As Aaron notes,

“Innovation is not easy. It takes resources – resources that community organizations are rarely able to divert from their programming. Too many don’t have the time to stop or slow down the train, despite the fact that there may be a better route than the one that they are taking. They aren’t able to check if they running on low-efficient fuel, or passing right by their destination. Some aren’t even clear exactly what the destination is, even if they know that it’s somewhere to the North, or South of where they are today.  Finally, when passionate, hardworking leaders do squeeze out the time to look beyond their latest crisis, they often find so many options and choices on how to do things better that it can be almost overwhelming. Some may ask themselves: Where should I start? What option is best for us? How do I decide? Or even, How do I make this this happen?”

To access the full blog post, click here.

Platformation Sharing Community

In November 2011, the Foundation—in collaboration with Social Innovation Generation (SiG) and Framework—hosted a Platformation learning event through the Innoweave initiative, which explored ways to use cloud computing tools to enhance impact.

Following the event, 30 organizations were selected to receive Platformation support and share their experiences and results of implementing ICT strategies with cloud computing tools through an online sharing community. The sharing community profiles a range of cloud computing tools reviewed by a group of IT experts and community sector users, and allows selected organizations to document and track the tools they are using and learn from the results of other organizations.

To learn more about Platformation, or to visit the sharing community, visit,

SiG in Atlantic Canada

Social Innovation Generation (SiG) members recently participated in two events in Atlantic Canada—the Social Innovation in Nova Scotia Forum and the ALIA (Authentic Leadership in Action) Summer Institute.

The Social Innovation in Nova Scotia Forum took place June 15 and involved leaders from all sectors of society. It included discussions on cross-sector collaboration, social finance, new approaches to solving complex challenges, the community and social innovation, and the role of ‘solutions labs’.

The forum served as a springboard for a leadership team to increase provincial investment in social innovation; implement engagement strategies to ensure diverse participation; and build spaces for developing, prototyping, and launching innovations.

From June 18-22 near Halifax, more than 200 people came together for the ALIA Summer Institute, where SiG members Frances Westley and Tim Brodhead headlined the first day and Vickie Cammack, Tim Draimin, Al Etmanski, and Cheryl Rose led a four-day Social Innovation workshop entitled How the World is Changed: Seeing and Shifting Patterns in Systems.

To learn more about SiG’s activities, visit

Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation

Reminder! Applications are currently being accepted for the Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation‘s 2012-2013 program at the University of Waterloo. The upcoming program will focus on Food Systems, Green Technologies, and Urban Sustainability.

Created by the University in partnership with the Foundation, the Diploma’s goal is to respond to Canada’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. The 2011-2012 offering, which recently concluded, focused on mental health, aging, and newcomers to Canada. Click here to watch a short video with reflections from Diploma participants.

To learn more about the Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation or to apply for the 2012-2013 program, visit

Geoff Mulgan on Austerity and Innovation

Geoff Mulgan—internationally recognized leader and speaker on social innovation, and Chief Executive of Nesta in the United Kingdom—recently visited Toronto for a whirlwind tour that included 22 engagements and four talks in four days. The tour was organized and presented by MaRS and Social Innovation Generation (SiG) as part of the Inspiring Action for Social Impact speakers series.

On May 2, Mr. Mulgan spoke about Austerity and Innovation to a packed house at the MaRS Discovery District and to audiences in nine cities across Canada via live stream. During his presentation he discussed the opportunities society has to overcome the barriers that fiscal challenges present to social innovation.

Click here to watch his presentation on Austerity and Innovation and here to simultaneously view the slides used in his talk.