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A Royal Visit for Roots of Empathy

On September 17, the Roots of Empathy program was showcased at the Market Lane Public School in Toronto. Countess Sophie of Wessex, Scotland visited the school and observed a mother introducing her infant (Ella) to a grade two and three class, where students had the opportunity to soothe the infant and ask the mother questions. With a focus on the baby as ‘teacher’, the program leads to reduced bullying, raises social and emotional competence and increases empathy.

“To see how the children, as soon as she (Ella) entered the room, engaged with her was truly wonderful,” said Countess Sophie. England’s first Roots of Empathy programs will launch this fall.

Created in 1996, Foundation grantee Roots of Empathy offers empathy-based programming for children, and to date has reached more than 450,000 children worldwide.

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Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

With many of Canada’s leading social entrepreneurs and innovators often finding initial support and recognition outside of Canada, the recent Toronto Star article, Canada’s best undervalued asset: its social entrepreneurs, highlights the need for Canada to support local innovators.

Successful social entrepreneurs and Foundation grantees—John Mighton, JUMP Math founder; Mary Gordon, Roots of Empathy founder; Geoff Cape, Evergreen co-founder; and George Roter, Engineers Without Borders (Canada) co-founder—are highlighted.

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Mary Gordon Profiled in Times

Mary Gordon—Roots of Empathy Founder and longtime Foundation grantee—was recently profiled in the New York Times. Roots of Empathy, created in 1996, offers empathy-based programming for children and to date has reached 450,000 children worldwide.

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Roots of Empathy featured on CNN series on bullying

Roots of Empathy (ROE) was featured on CNN’s American Morning’s “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” series last week. In the story, ROE’s founder, Mary Gordon, speaks of the train of thought that led to the creation of the organization: “There’s something so engaging between watching the love between a parent and a baby, and since that relationship of attachment and attunement is how we develop our empathy, I thought, well, why not bring the teachers in, the tiny teachers?” Gordon said. “And I just knew in my gut — it was a by-golly approach — but now we have a scientific evidence of impact.”

McConnell grantee Roots of Empathy has garnered a lot of press coverage across North America in 2010. The organization has been featured in TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and The Globe and Mail.

Roots of Empathy in the New York Times

Roots of Empathy (ROE) was the focus of a recent New York Times story that explores ROE’s unique way of combating bullying. Fighting Bullying with Babies by David Bornstein outlines the ROE methodology, documents its successes, and offers hypotheses of why it works.

In the article, Bornstein provides this illustration of his experience with ROE: “I have visited several public schools in low-income neighborhoods in Toronto to observe Roots of Empathy’s work. What I find most fascinating is how the baby actually changes the children’s behavior. Teachers have confirmed my impressions: tough kids smile, disruptive kids focus, shy kids open up. In a seventh grade class, I found 12-year-olds unabashedly singing nursery rhymes.”

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McConnell grantee Roots of Empathy was founded in 1996 by Mary Gordon and has reached more than 325,000 children worldwide.

Roots of Empathy founder speaks at U.N. Headquarters

Mary Gordon, founder of Roots of Empathy recently spoke at the U.N. Headquarters in New York. The symposium themed “Literacy: A Foundation for Development,” was held on September 7, 2010 on International Literacy Day. Gordon shared the stage with keynote Laura Bush, Honorary Ambassador to the UN Literacy Decade.

McConnell grantee Roots of Empathy builds “emotional literacy” in children through bolstering their sense of empathy.

Roots of Empathy featured in The Globe and Mail

Roots of Empathy, a McConnell grantee, and its founder, Mary Gordon, were recently featured in a Globe and Mail article. This article discusses a study that found college students today are less empathetic than those of 20 years ago. In the article, Gordon says, “You have to experience empathy to continue to develop it. If children don’t have enough opportunity and parents don’t have enough time to be with their children, it’s really difficult.” (more…)

Roots of Empathy Showcased in TIME

TIME Magazine’s International Edition of May 24, 2010 featured McConnell grantee, Roots of Empathy, and its founder, Mary Gordon. In the article How to Deprogram Bullies: Teaching Kindness 101, writer Maia Szalavitz highlights how Roots of Empathy is a proven approach for the prevention of bullying, and cites growing interest for its adoption in several US cities.