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On-Ramping to the Next Economy: Financing Innovation, Sustainability, and Resilience

Stephen Huddart’s recent contribution to the Open Source Business Resource speaks about creating resilient local economies and the possibility of networking these nodes to “reshape markets in the public interest, rather than to a race to protect and monopolize benefits for a select few.”

An excerpt:

According to one feisty audience member at a conference I spoke at in Phoenix recently, growing US indebtedness and a weakening dollar will result in the US dollar losing its role as the world’s reserve currency. As other countries elect to price their transactions in Euros, gold, or something else, they will dump their unwanted dollars, driving the greenback even lower. Consequently, he insisted, it’s time to think about creating local and regional currencies, along with the militia we’ll need in order to protect ourselves when the US government goes bankrupt… Without subscribing to the alarmist and defeatist rhetoric of our commentator, we can agree that resilient local economies are an important element in any innovation ecosystem.

Read the blog post in its entirety here.

The Social Side of Co-Creation

In Stephen Huddart’s most recent contribution to the Open Source Business Resource, he writes about Changemakers‘ method of collaboration as a promising practice to create a wider “ecology of change.” An excerpt:

As articles in this issue of OSBR attest, co-creation is how a lot of business innovation is getting done these days. This is significant in its own right, but what happens when co-creation involves collaboration across whole sectors?


Under the Volcano: Social Actions and Canada’s Digital Future

From Stephen Huddart’s latest OSBR column:

Last April, on his way back to Canada from the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford, Peter Deitz ran into a roadblock in the form of Eyjafjallajökull, the Icelandic volcano that halted flights over Europe. As a result, he spent a few days cooling his heels in London. He wasn’t going anywhere and neither, he realized, was his plan to turn Social Actions into an independent and sustainable social enterprise.

Read the entire post here.

Security and Opportunity in Turbulent Times

From Stephen Huddart’s latest OSBR column:

It’s Friday the 13th. Feeling lucky? Nervous? Let’s see… massive flooding in Pakistan, the warmest year in recorded history, rumours of a new superbug, the largest oil spill ever, a threatened double-dip recession, and who knows what’s next, other than it’s sure to be something. (more…)

Innovate or Perish: Redrawing the Business and Social Landscape

From Stephen Huddart’s latest OSBR column:

We’re at a moment when the boundaries of capitalism are being reshaped.”
Michael Porter, June 28, 2010

Economist and business guru Michael Porter was in Montreal last week as the guest of Sustainable Prosperity, to speak about the “Porter Hypothesis” he developed 20 years ago. The hypothesis posits that, contrary to the naysayers who hold that economics and environment are mutually exclusive domains, strict environmental regulation of the economy generates an innovation effect that triggers the development of new technologies and improvements that confer competitive advantage on companies and countries. (more…)

Big Problems, Small Solutions: Polycentric Governance and the Power of Mass Localism

From Stephen’s latest OSBR column:

“Marlo Raynolds, Executive Director of The Pembina Institute, a national environmental think tank, commented to me after the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change that for the first time in his professional life, he had come to the conclusion that our best efforts at adapting to the inconvenient truth of climate change are insufficient. “We’ve made good progress on all kinds of big issues up to this point ”, he explained, “from protecting endangered species to putting limits on pollutants. But this is different. It’s time to press ‘reset’ – we need new strategies”. (more…)

Canada – Social Innovation Nation?

From Stephen’s latest OSBR column:

“It seems that everywhere you look these days, people are calling upon Canada to invest more in innovation. Here for example is Preston Manning on the topic and here is former Privy Council head Kevin Lynch. Such commentaries typically focus on the roles of business, government and universities – but either barely mention or completely ignore the community or voluntary sector. For those of us who work and volunteer in this sector, this is a regrettable and all-too-familiar oversight.”

An Olympic Moment: Reflections on Cultural and Social Innovation

From Stephen’s latest OSBR column:

“Today marks the opening of the 2010 Winter Olympic games, a celebration of athleticism and culture that originated in 776 BC in Ancient Greece. In those days, an Olympic truce was declared, putting a temporary stop to wars so that athletes could travel safely to Olympia. It is this sense of social innovation, of a commitment to something beyond the ordinary, that we’ll explore in this column. (more…)

Stephen in Open Source Business Review (OSBR)

In January, Foundation VP Stephen Huddart launched the first installment of his new monthly column in the online journal Open Source Business Review.

Writing broadly about social innovation and open source methodologies, his column will explore how social structures and institutions are evolving to offer the capacity to grapple with managing ourselves and the planet over the long term. An excerpt follows: (more…)