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Local Food Plus’s expansion featured in The Globe and Mail

McConnell grantee Local Food Plus (LFP)’s national expansion was recently featured in a Globe and Mail article. Local Food Plus is an organization that certifies local farms and processors and links them with institutional purchasers, an approach that has already been successful in localizing the food system in Southern Ontario. LFP-certified foods are guaranteed to meet environmental, animal welfare, energy efficiency, and labour standards.

“We were losing our ability to feed ourselves,” Ms. Stahlbrand said. “What we’re trying to do is build a different kind of food system. We’ve built the flywheel. Now it’s starting to turn.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

The Foundation is currently supporting LFP’s expansion into British Columbia, Manitoba, and Quebec. Learn more about the grant here.

Local Food Plus founder speaks at Vancouver local food symposium

Lori Stahlbrand, founder and president of Local Food Plus (LFP), recently participated in a symposium of local food as part of the Museum of Vancouver’s Food & Beers speaker series, moderated by The Tyee editor David Beers. The symposium, titled Can The City Feed Itself? A Recipe For Local Food Success, reflected on methods for bridging the gap between consumers and local food growers.  Stahlbrand’s addition to the conversation included an explanation of the “local sustainable” label, created by LFP for farmers in southern Ontario:

“I think there are a lot of consumers out there who want to support farmers and want to support their local economy and their local culture. There are a lot of pluses to it. But it’s very hard to know how to identify it. So we said, let’s create a way to identify it. And the certified local sustainable label is a way to do that.” (From The Hook)