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The Philanthropist’s issue on social innovation includes contributions from Foundation staff

Social innovation is the theme of the current issue of The Philanthropist, a quarterly journal for practitioners, scholars, supporters, and others engaged in the nonprofit sector in Canada. Foundation staff, as well as many friends of the Foundation, contributed articles.

The Foundation’s COO, Stephen Huddart, authored one of the journal’s overview articles, entitled Patterns, Principles, and Practices in Social Innovation, which explores various dimensions of the field of social innovation.


John Cawley on ‘Owning the Podium’

During the last few years we heard a lot about how the Own the Podium program was going to give Canadian athletes the boost they needed to dominate the Winter Olympics with a record medal haul. It was supposed to give Canadian athletes the superior training and the swagger to overcome our habit of being satisfied with performing “our personal best”. (more…)