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Tides Top Ten

Each year, Tides Canada honours ten of Canada’s most innovative social change efforts – communities, organizations, or individuals that inspire people to take action, think in new ways and make the world a better place.
We are pleased to announce that Innoweave, as well as Foundation grantees, Dechinta and Food Matters Manitoba, have been selected as part of the 2013 Tides Top Ten list. Congratulations to the other recipients, and thank you to Tides Canada for recognizing the work of Innoweave, Dechinta and Food Matters Manitoba!

Federal Government Joins Innoweave

Innoweave is pleased to announce a new five-year partnership with the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program. “At a time when governments are operating under conditions of fiscal restraint, it is vital that we invest in communities’ capacity to innovate. The Foundation and our Innoweave partners are grateful for this support, which will expand Innoweave’s ability to provide charities with new management tools,” said Foundation President Stephen Huddart.

Applications are now open for 15 workshops and facilitator sessions including:

  • Outcomes Finance workshop, in partnership with MaRS Centre for Impact Investing and the Nonprofit Finance Fund, on October 9 in Toronto.
  • Social Enterprise workshop, in partnership with Ontario Trillium Foundation and Enterprising Non-profits, on October 25 in Toronto.
  • Collective Impact Workshop 1, in partnership with Calgary United Way and Tamarack: An Institute for Community Engagement, on October 31 in Calgary.
  • Social Enterprise workshops in various locations, hosted in French, in partnership with the Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario and the Centre canadien pour le renouveau communautaire.

Applications for the Impact and Strategic Clarity module are also open until September 30.

To learn more, click here.

Innoweave Workshops, Coaching and Grants

The Foundation’s Innoweave program is pleased to announce a new round of Innoweave Implementation Grants, which support organizations in obtaining the coaching required to implement new management tools. Applications open this month and close on July 2nd.

In related news, Innoweave recently announced the formation of a Coaching Pool. To learn more about becoming an Innoweave coach, click here.

Innoweave Cloud Computing workshops are planned for June in partnership with United Way Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba and in Brampton in partnership with Canadian Association of Residential Options for Criminalized Women (CAROW).

Innoweave Workshops

Innoweave workshops on Cloud ComputingDevelopmental EvaluationImpact and Strategic ClaritySocial Finance, and Social Enterprise are taking place across Canada.

To learn how your organization can participate, click here.

For the latest Innoweave news and activities, visit

Innoweave Workshops

Innoweave is the Foundation’s platform for sharing practical tools for social innovation. It is organized as a series of modules, available online or in workshops that are now being offered across Canada.

The following Innoweave opportunities for non-profit organizations are currently available:

The Impact and Strategic Clarity module, a six-month guided planning process taking place across Canada, starting in April 2013. Applications for this module are due March 4.
A full-day Cloud Computing workshop on April 18 in Toronto, hosted by the Sustainability Network. Applications are due March 22.
A full-day Social Enterprise workshop on April 16 in Hamilton, hosted by United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton. Applications are due March 15.

Individuals who are seasoned facilitators and have an interest in Social Enterprise can attend Innoweave’s Social Enterprise Facilitator Training on April 15-16. This training will allow facilitators to use Innoweave’s open-access curriculum to deliver a Social Enterprise workshop within their own networks. Applications for the Facilitator Training are due March 15.

Applications for the following workshops for non-profit organizations will open in the coming weeks, with applications due in early April. Space is limited, so sign up early.

Social Finance on May 1 in Edmonton, hosted by Social Enterprise Fund
Developmental Evaluation on May 2 in Calgary, hosted by United Way Calgary
Social Enterprise on May 10 in St. John’s, hosted by Newfoundland Community Sector Council

Upcoming Innoweave Activities

Impact and Strategic Clarity

Innoweave is currently inviting applications for the second cohort (April-September 2013) of the Impact and Strategic Clarity module. Led by Certified Innoweave Impact Coaches, the five-month guided process  helps community organizations identify their intended impact and theory of change, which they can use to make strategic decisions. Applications are due March 4, and are open to organizations across Canada.

To learn more about the Impact module, register for the upcoming information webinars on: February 6 (English-Quebec) 12:00-1:00p.m. (EDT); February 13 (French) 12:00-1:00 p.m. (EDT); and February 21 (English) 12:30-1:30 p.m. (EDT).

Cloud Computing

On February 19 in Montreal, Innoweave is partnering with COCo to host a Cloud Computing workshop to help community organizations understand, select, and implement cloud-based technology solutions. To learn more about the workshop or to apply, click here. Registration closes February 12.

Developmental Evaluation

On February 5 in Toronto, Innoweave and the Ontario Trillium Foundation will host a Developmental Evaluation (DE) workshop and, in parallel, run a facilitator training session for organizations and individuals interested in running future DE workshops.

Innoweave Launches Developmental Evaluation Module

Innoweave is excited to announce the launch of its latest module on Developmental Evaluation (DE). This innovative approach to evaluation allows organizations to gather data on a new initiative or approach while it is in progress, providing real-time feedback to allow for its continuous improvement. DE is particularly useful in complex and continuously evolving environments, and helps organizations better understand the connections between their actions, short-term outcomes, and long-term impacts.

An Innoweave workshop on DE will be held in Toronto on February 5, in partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation. In parallel, Innoweave will run a facilitator training session for organizations and individuals who are interested in running a future Innoweave DE workshop in their community or within their network. All workshop materials are freely available at

Applications to attend the February 5 workshop and February 4-5 facilitator training are due January 16.

Innoweave Featured on OTF’s [SiC] Blog

Innoweave’s Aaron Good shared his thoughts on social innovation in the not-for-profit sector in the latest edition of [SiC], the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s blog. In his post, Aaron talks about the need for non-profits to move from a “business as usual” approach and the role of tools for social innovation in enhancing organizational impact. As Aaron notes,

“Innovation is not easy. It takes resources – resources that community organizations are rarely able to divert from their programming. Too many don’t have the time to stop or slow down the train, despite the fact that there may be a better route than the one that they are taking. They aren’t able to check if they running on low-efficient fuel, or passing right by their destination. Some aren’t even clear exactly what the destination is, even if they know that it’s somewhere to the North, or South of where they are today.  Finally, when passionate, hardworking leaders do squeeze out the time to look beyond their latest crisis, they often find so many options and choices on how to do things better that it can be almost overwhelming. Some may ask themselves: Where should I start? What option is best for us? How do I decide? Or even, How do I make this this happen?”

To access the full blog post, click here.

Innoweave: What’s Your Theory of Change?

The Innoweave Impact and Strategic Clarity module focuses on an approach to strategic thinking that eludes many non-profit organizations. Rather than focusing on what we do (activities), a theory of change requires us to think about the ultimate goals we are trying to achieve (outcomes) and how, through our activities, we achieve those goals. Though it sounds simple, this is actually a fairly challenging exercise – so much so that Innoweave is putting 14 organizations through a 6-month process to develop their intended impact statements and theories of change. For organizations with a wide range of programs, a long history, or that operate on a system-level, defining a single intended impact for the organization is no easy task. But doing so can help organizations better understand what activities are most effective in achieving that impact, and therefore make more strategic decisions about where to focus their efforts in a resource-scarce environment.

Learn more about Innoweave’s Impact & Strategic Clarity module.

Innoweave’s First Impact & Strategic Clarity Workshop

On November 16 in Toronto, Innoweave held a workshop for the first cohort of the Impact and Strategic Clarity module. The module focuses on enabling community organizations to articulate a coherent ‘intended impact’ and ‘theory of change’ and report on it to internal and external stakeholders. It is being led by the Bridgespan Group, and supported by United Way Centraide CanadaPricewaterhouseCoopers Canada FoundationUnited Way York RegionThe J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, and CISCO Canada. 14 participating organizations will receive individualized coaching over the next several months as they refine their impact strategies. Additional cohorts of the Impact and Strategic Clarity module are planned in 2013.

To learn more about Innoweave, including upcoming workshops on social finance, developmental evaluation, social enterprise, and cloud computing, visit Innoweave’s recently launched beta website at