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A New Way to Measure Happiness

The Foundation supported Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW)—an intiative of the Atkinson Charitable Foundation—which reports on the wellbeing of Canadians by tracking 64 indicators in 8 areas, was recently profiled in the Montreal Gazette.

Focusing on the areas of leisure and culture, community vitality, living standards, environment, democratic engagement, education, healthy populations and time use, CIW’s findings provide a critical measurement of our societal progress and reveal where improvements are needed.

As the article highlights, “The index shows that while the country’s GDP grew by 31 per cent between 1994 and 2008, our well-being measure lagged well behind, at 11-per-cent growth. In practical terms, this means children are spending more time in front of computers, income inequality has widened, women are increasingly pressed for time, greenhouse-gas emissions are rising and voter turnout is sliding badly.”

Drawing upon their findings, CIW aims to promote a dialogue on how to improve wellbeing through evidence-based policies that are responsive to the needs and values of Canadians.

Visit the Canadian Index of Wellbeing to learn more.

Click here to read the full article from the Montreal Gazette.

Vibrant Communities: Cities Reducing Poverty

The Foundation is pleased to highlight Tamarack Institute’s latest publication, Cities Reducing Poverty: How Vibrant Communities are Creating Comprehensive Solutions to the Most Complex Problem of our Times.

Through stories and a unique analysis by editor Mark Cabaj, Cities Reducing Poverty details the poverty reduction efforts of collaborative groups in six Canadian cities—Calgary, Montreal, Surrey, Hamilton, Saint John, and the Niagara region.

The cities are part of the Vibrant Communities initiative—a comprehensive, community-driven, cross-Canada, poverty reduction effort—and “are achieving remarkable results because they’re using creative, comprehensive approaches based on real, on-the-ground knowledge of —and experience of—the complex nature of poverty.”

To order a copy of Cities Reducing Poverty or to learn more about the work of Vibrant Communities visit