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Canadian Caregiver Coalition: Effecting Policy Change

The Caledon Institute’s Anne Makhoul recently documented the lessons learned from the Canadian Caregiver Coalition’s (CCC) successful effort to bring the issues of family caregivers to the attention of Canadian politicians and policy makers.

The report, Effecting Policy Change: Lessons from the Canadian Caregiver Coalition, produced with the Foundation’s support, focuses on the CCC’s use of Strategic Inquiry (SI) to achieve its long- and short-term public policy goals. SI helps organizations use appropriate methods and tailored messages to engage with policy-makers. The SI approach was developed and contributed by Sean Moore of the Advocacy School.

As Makhoul explains, “Neither mysterious nor manipulative, SI is about putting the asker into a government mindset. By understanding politicians’ and bureaucrats’ top-of-mind issues, pressures; likely policy developments and the players involved, the inquirer is able to shape the needs of their audience into messages that government can ‘hear’.”

Download Effecting Policy Change: Lessons from the Canadian Caregiver Coalition

Online Innovations in Caregiving: Tyze Personal Networks

The B.C. Government recently announced $3 million in funding for Connect for Care, a program to help seniors and people with disabilities remain independent and socially connected while still living at home. Building on the experience of lead partner Tyze Personal Networks, the program will deliver a targeted suite of online tools and personal support networks to help individuals, families and other caregivers.

“No one should have to face illness, caregiving or disability on their own,” says Vickie Cammack, Tyze CEO. “This funding will assist friends, family and neighbours across the province to connect, collaborate and care for one another.”

Tyze Personal Networks, a social enterprise that has been delivering online personal networks since 2008, launched The Belonging Fund in partnership with the Foundation in 2010.

Learn more about Connect for Care

The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra excels in Vienna

The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra (NBYO) recently was awarded 1st place with outstanding success, and honoured with a standing ovation by the judges at the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna. The orchestra is comprised of 68 members ranging from 14 to 24 years old.

The Foundation is currently supporting the NBYO by funding the expansion of their Sistema program, which provides children with free instruction and access to instruments. The program, which began in 2009, plans to expand to four sites with 500 children by 2014. “We’re already identifying kids in Sistema that we think, in a year, will be able to audition for the [NBYO],” said NBYO president Ken MacLeod in a recent Globe and Mail article.

Read about the NBYO’s achievement in The Globe and Mail.

Local Food Plus’s expansion featured in The Globe and Mail

McConnell grantee Local Food Plus (LFP)’s national expansion was recently featured in a Globe and Mail article. Local Food Plus is an organization that certifies local farms and processors and links them with institutional purchasers, an approach that has already been successful in localizing the food system in Southern Ontario. LFP-certified foods are guaranteed to meet environmental, animal welfare, energy efficiency, and labour standards.

“We were losing our ability to feed ourselves,” Ms. Stahlbrand said. “What we’re trying to do is build a different kind of food system. We’ve built the flywheel. Now it’s starting to turn.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

The Foundation is currently supporting LFP’s expansion into British Columbia, Manitoba, and Quebec. Learn more about the grant here.