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On-Ramping to the Next Economy: Financing Innovation, Sustainability, and Resilience

Stephen Huddart’s recent contribution to the Open Source Business Resource speaks about creating resilient local economies and the possibility of networking these nodes to “reshape markets in the public interest, rather than to a race to protect and monopolize benefits for a select few.”

An excerpt:

According to one feisty audience member at a conference I spoke at in Phoenix recently, growing US indebtedness and a weakening dollar will result in the US dollar losing its role as the world’s reserve currency. As other countries elect to price their transactions in Euros, gold, or something else, they will dump their unwanted dollars, driving the greenback even lower. Consequently, he insisted, it’s time to think about creating local and regional currencies, along with the militia we’ll need in order to protect ourselves when the US government goes bankrupt… Without subscribing to the alarmist and defeatist rhetoric of our commentator, we can agree that resilient local economies are an important element in any innovation ecosystem.

Read the blog post in its entirety here.

ALLIÉS Montréal launches mentoring program

ALLIÉS Montréal, an organization that aims to integrate skilled immigrants into the workforce, recently launched its mentoring program. The April 7 launch event included nearly one hundred businesses and organizations and featured a speech by Foundation Chief Operating Officer Stephen Huddart, where he emphasized the value of cross-sectoral collaboration to support continuous social innovation.

Also featured at the event was “Parcours inspirants,” an exhibition of 24 photographic portraits and profiles that showcase the successes and trials of new immigrants to Montreal. The profiles, which have run in the newspaper Métro Montréal since April 2009, are on display at Place Ville-Marie until April 30.

ALLIÉS Montréal is an initiative of the Conférence régionale des élus (CRÉ), a regional coordinating agency for Metropolitan Montreal, and is part of the wider network of ALLIES Canada, an initiative of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation in partnership with the Maytree Foundation.

Learn more about the ALLIES National Mentoring Initiative here.

Tim Brodhead in Axiom News

Two recent Axiom News articles by Camille Jensen featured Foundation President and CEO Tim Brodhead.

In “Why We Should Equip and Encourage our Voluntary Sector to be Enterprising,” Tim stresses the importance of Social Finance to ensure the resilience of the community sector:

“Our hope is that social finance will create new sources of funding for activities undertaken by community organizations, not for profits and charities. New sources, being both diversified and additional. I think we need to really stress that the purpose of encouraging new sources of funding is not to substitute for what exists already but to increase and complement what exists.”

In “Demonstrate by Doing, Engage Others: McConnell Foundation’s Strategy to Promote Social Finance,” Tim speaks about the leveraging power that would result from Foundations investing their capital assets to support their missions.

Learn more the Foundation’s contributions to Social Finance here.

Family caregivers included in federal budget and election platforms

A tax credit for family caregivers was included in the March 22nd federal budget, and several parties have included support for family caregivers in their election platforms, bringing the issues surrounding family caregivers to a wide audience. These announcements shine light on the issues that affect an estimated 4 million caregivers whose contributions to Canadian society are often overlooked.

Some recent headlines include:

For over ten years, McConnell Grantee the Canadian Caregiver Coalition (CCC) has been working to join with caregivers, service providers, policy makers and other stakeholders to identify and respond to the needs of caregivers in Canada.

2011 Best Employers for New Canadians announced

The winners of the 2011 Best Employers for New Canadians competition were recently announced in The Globe and Mail. The winners have created exemplary working environments that welcome the skills and experience new immigrants bring them.  Some of the large employers to earning this recognition are the Royal Bank of Canada, Ontario Public Service, and TELUS. See the entire listing here.

The competition is managed by the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers in partnership with ALLIES, a joint initiative of the The Maytree Foundation and The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.

Learn more by reading “Tapping the talent of new Canadians,” a Globe and Mail discussion featuring Ratna Omidvar, president of the Maytree Foundation.