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Gathering of the Social Innovation Lab

As part of its ongoing involvement in Social Innovation Generation (commonly referred to as SiG) the Foundation recently convened 65 grantees and partner organizations for a two-day meeting of the Social Innovation Lab in Toronto. (more…)

Roots of Empathy Showcased in TIME

TIME Magazine’s International Edition of May 24, 2010 featured McConnell grantee, Roots of Empathy, and its founder, Mary Gordon. In the article How to Deprogram Bullies: Teaching Kindness 101, writer Maia Szalavitz highlights how Roots of Empathy is a proven approach for the prevention of bullying, and cites growing interest for its adoption in several US cities.

Big Problems, Small Solutions: Polycentric Governance and the Power of Mass Localism

From Stephen’s latest OSBR column:

“Marlo Raynolds, Executive Director of The Pembina Institute, a national environmental think tank, commented to me after the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change that for the first time in his professional life, he had come to the conclusion that our best efforts at adapting to the inconvenient truth of climate change are insufficient. “We’ve made good progress on all kinds of big issues up to this point ”, he explained, “from protecting endangered species to putting limits on pollutants. But this is different. It’s time to press ‘reset’ – we need new strategies”. (more…)