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Art helps to focus the mind

Foundation initiative, ArtsSmarts, was featured in the Montreal Gazette on April 18. The article highlighted the programs ability to help kids focus and think creatively by bringing artists into the classroom. (more…)

Canada – Social Innovation Nation?

From Stephen’s latest OSBR column:

“It seems that everywhere you look these days, people are calling upon Canada to invest more in innovation. Here for example is Preston Manning on the topic and here is former Privy Council head Kevin Lynch. Such commentaries typically focus on the roles of business, government and universities – but either barely mention or completely ignore the community or voluntary sector. For those of us who work and volunteer in this sector, this is a regrettable and all-too-familiar oversight.”

John Cawley on ‘Owning the Podium’

During the last few years we heard a lot about how the Own the Podium program was going to give Canadian athletes the boost they needed to dominate the Winter Olympics with a record medal haul. It was supposed to give Canadian athletes the superior training and the swagger to overcome our habit of being satisfied with performing “our personal best”. (more…)